Brice Wiggins for Mississippi State senate 2011 Brice Wiggins for Mississippi State Senate 2011!
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A Born Listener...

Experience the difference with a Senator who truly listens to your concerns.

Experience the difference with a Senator who truly listens to your concerns.

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Coastal Community

Brice Wiggins is a Candidate that knows how to lead...even if it's just a youth soccer team!

A Senator who understands the issues facing the coast and our region.

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Brice Wiggins is dedicated to the community!

Early education is key to the future of our community.

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Just what the doctor ordered: Hunting Season

Dr. Chris Wiggins and Brice enjoying the outdoors in Theodore, AL.

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Education = Opportunities = Dreams

Supreme Court Justice Jim Kitchens giving 4th grade students from Cherokee Elementary in Jackson a unique glimpse into our justice system.

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Conservative Principles. Better Results.

"Working Hard to build a pathway to prosperity on the coast."


Those of us living along the gulf coast are in the midst of a housing insurance crisis. Since Hurricane Katrina, rates for protecting the places and things we love have continued to climb until they are unaffordable to many people.  These unsustainable rates are stifling housing sales and pushing some current homeowners into foreclosure.  It has been almost six years since Hurricane Katrina, and nothing has been done to address the problem.  However, there are a number of workable angles from which this problem can be attacked. We must increase competition among insurance companies doing business along the coast, thereby, spreading the risk across a larger population We must establish incentive for homeowners, on new construction and refurbishments, to build to higher standards.  There must also be incentives for local governments to strengthen building codes. No unfunded mandates, I am also proposing a two year tax credit to homeowners whose flood insurance rates have increased.


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